Fun Gifts For Travelers Under $25

Buying a thoughtful Christmas gift for someone doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. These are a few of the inexpensive gifts that I’d personally love to give or receive during the holidays. All of them would make great gifts for travelers you know and love.

Moleskine Classic Notebook

I swear by these journals. The hardcover ones are the best for travel because you can really beat them up and they’ll still keep your memories safe.


Moleskines on the bed at Pod 39, both bunks.

Hand-drawn Food Maps on Tote Bags

I’ve had my eye on the Italy tote since Jodi Ettenberg launched it. These tote bags┬ácombine passions for food and travel with a useful travel item.

Burt’s Bees Fabulous Mini’s Travel Set

Sometimes our skin needs a little extra love after putting up with the demands of travel (just ask my poor, poor feet after a couple days in Spain). This mini set of lotions and creams can be a lifesaver.

Carry On Cocktail Kit: Moscow Mule


Add some tiny bottles of vodka and you’ve got the perfect stocking stuffer. This kit doesn’t include the copper mugs, but no one would pack those anyway.

Fly Solo: The 50 Best Places On Earth For A Girl To Travel Alone


A solo trip can change your life. I truly believe in the power of solo travel, especially for women. If you want to inspire someone to set out on her own, this book is a great inspirational gift that also includes practical travel tips.



Games are a great icebreaker with new friends. Ligretto is a simple game that you can even learn when faced with a language barrier. (I learned it from Austrian friends who taught me in a mix of German and English.) Plus, it’s small so you can tuck it into your carry-on for any trip. Gift Card

You can never go wrong with giving a traveler some money to play with. Let them put it towards that expensive backpack they’ve been eyeing or buy a guidebook for a trip you didn’t know they’ve been dreaming of. (You could also go with cash, but a gift card can be nice if you want to guarantee that the recipient does something fun with the money.)


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